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SternMed GmbH is a fast-growing medical device manufacturer, located in the south of Germany. The company was founded in 2011 with the idea of making quality healthcare accessible worldwide. SternMed's product portfolio includes medical equipment for imaging systems, OR solutions and patient care.


At Philips, we look beyond technology to the experiences of consumers, patients, providers and caregivers across the health continuum – from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment and home care. We unlock insights leading to innovative solutions that enable better care at lower cost. With leading research, design and innovation capabilities, we partner with our customers to transform the delivery of healthcare.


Since our founding in 2002, SonoScape has focused on innovating and developing medical equipment.

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South Korea

Samsung is committed to create a new future for medical professionals and patients with a mission to bring health and well-being to people’s lives. Integrating its leading expertise in display, IT, mobile and electronics, our vision is to bring confident diagnosis, cost-effective solutions and improved workflow to customers.


At Siemens Healthineers, our mission is to enable healthcare providers to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, and improving patient experience, all enabled by digitalizing healthcare.

An estimated five million patients worldwide everyday benefit from our innovative technologies and services in the areas of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging, laboratory diagnostics and molecular medicine as well as digital health and enterprise services.


As a leading global medical technology and digital solutions innovator, GE Healthcare enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications and services, supported by its Edison intelligence platform.

With over 100 years of healthcare industry experience and around 50,000 employees globally, the company operates at the center of an ecosystem working toward precision health, digitizing healthcare, helping drive productivity and improve outcomes for patients, providers, health systems and researchers around the world

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Established in 2012 by Strena Medical, a family-owned company with 35+ years of experience in the health care sector. Medisono is an American company delivering High Quality, Reliable imaging solutions with the highest industry standards in service and post-sales asistance.

The founders of Strena Medical knew that to serve a market properly the low & mid segments were of
fundamental importance. Unfortunately they had a hard time sourcing the same service and distributor support they expected as high-end distributors. Sensing a need in the market they seized this opportunity and Medisono was born.

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Products of SternMed


Sonos 10 is a digital color ultrasound system that supports different applications and provides a wide range of solutions in the areas of general imaging, OB/GYN and cardiology.



Sonos 12 is a state-of-the-art of volumetric 3D/4D ultrasound system with perfect image quality of even 2D images. It is the best solution for OB/GYN, cardiology and general imaging in clinics and hospitals with a variety of patients. 

Products of Samsung


Deliver excellence wherever you go
The HM70A with Plus helps make ultrasound exams and ultrasound-guided procedures more accurate and streamlined with its image performance and efficient, easy-to-use features


HS7OA with Prime

Easier and quantitative Measurement
S-Shearwave™ detects the velocity of the shearwave  propagated through the targeted lesion and displays the numerical measurement of stiffness In kPa or m/s together with a Reliable Measurement Index (RMI)*. 

Products of GE

Voluson E10

Your women’s health practice is where complex cases are the rule, not the exception. Where patients demand your expertise, and trust you for answers. With the Voluson™ E10 you can deliver truly exceptional care—confidently and efficiently—every time—keeping you at the forefront of women’s health care. The Voluson E10 encompasses the most advanced imaging capabilities combined with efficiency and security features to help you provide confident patient answers, faster.


Voluson E8

The Voluson E8 ultrasound system is designed to keep pace with busy practices – handling routine to complex women’s health exams with ease and precision. The premium image quality of the Voluson E8 combined with access to advanced capabilities, delivers the level of performance required by you and your patients.

Products of Phillips

Affiniti 50

Choosing a new ultrasound system is all about balance. You need accurate diagnostic information quickly, a simplified yet intuitive user interface, and easy access to critical features, along with an ergonomic design and the latest technology.


Affiniti 70

The Affiniti 70 ultrasound system offers a powerful combination of performance and workflow for quick, confident diagnosis.

Epiq Elite

Philips EPIQ Elite ultrasound features an exceptional level of clinical performance, workflow, and advanced intelligence to meet the challenges of today’s most demanding practices. The EPIQ Elite platform brings ultimate solutions to ultrasound, with clinically tailored tools designed to elevate diagnostic confidence to new levels.

Products of Siemens


Created with clinical reliability, process efficiency, and future sustainability in mind, the ACUSON NX2™ ultrasound system is a smart-inspired solution, providing premium imaging performance across clinical applications. ACUSON NX2 Elite is the new addition to the ACUSON NX Series with the largest-in-class, 21.5”, 1080p HD display.


Acuson P500

Siemens Healthineers engineered the compact and powerful ACUSON P500™, a portable ultrasound system to equip clinicians with a powerful lineup of clinical applications right at the bedside. It is your go-to platform to evaluate clinical manifestations, facilitate accurate diagnoses, and to assist procedures in emergency and critical care.

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