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All of humanity is today immersed in a global pandemic. Since the beginning of the COVID–19 emergency, our collective future has been rapidly accelerated, and we must respond with a strong capacity for action to reinvent the many processes to which we had become accustomed and which today have suddenly become obsolete.

Smart working is quickly becoming the rule, rather than the exception, in small and large companies alike. Simultaneously, healthcare is also rapidly becoming Smart: we seldomly attend doctors’ offices and avoid trips to the hospital whenever possible.



CONTEC credit rating was AAA which was evaluated by CASME (China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises) in December 2015.

CONTEC was identified as an International Science and Technology Cooperation Demonstration Enterprise of Hebei Province by Hebei Scientific & Technical Department in 2015.

Pulse Oximeter was identified as a famous brand product of Hebei Province in 2014.

CONTEC was identified as the 2014 Industrial Brand Cultivation Demonstration Enterprise by the Quality Management Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China in 2014.

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Spirometer is a portable lung function testing device, which mainly used to examine lung function related parameters for patients. It can be applied to various environments such as in hospitals, clinics, etc. And it is also suitable for communities, schools, factories and other places to conduct epidemiological investigation, health examination, occupational disease screenings.

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The spirolab device was designed for use in doctors' surgeries and in hospital wards The appendix to this manual contains the
information needed for the correct use of the device in places where electromagnetic factors affect the surrounding environment.
The product is not suitable for use in operating theatres or in the presence of flammable liquids or detergents, or where there are
anaesthetic gas mixtures that become flammable in the presence of air, oxygen or nitrous oxide.
The product is not suitable for use where it may be exposed to air currents (e.g. the wind), sources of heat or cold, direct sunlight or
other sources of light or energy, dust, grit or chemical substances.

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