Vitamin deficiency

As usual, the mood and health of many of you are not normal during the change of seasons. The first reason for experiencing these feelings and lowering the body's immune system is vitamin deficiency.

Before going to the pharmacy for vitamin complexes or taking various vitamins, high-content products, you should first pay attention to your appearance, because you can identify this problem on your face and skin, which vitamins the body may have problems with.

Suffering from vitamin deficiency in the body primarily affects the skin surface: excessive oiliness and desquamation of the skin can result in vitamin B2 deficiency; Frequent allergic and other rashes, as well as the appearance of pigment spots, indicate a problem with vitamins N and B; facial tenderness can tell us about the lack of vitamin B12.

Excessive dryness of the skin or the appearance of small and large wrinkles is the result of depletion of nicotinic acid, a deficiency of vitamins A and E. Vitamin deficiency can also be identified by the appearance of the skin: itchy dermatoses, which are replaced by so-called "goose bumps" on the thighs and shoulders, are usually caused by a deficiency of vitamins E and A, B3 and B6 in the body.

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