Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrhea of ​​the scalp

Scalp seborrhea is a chronic inflammatory disease. The cause of this disease is a violation of the sebaceous glands and changes in the chemical composition of sebum.

There are three types of seborrhea:




Increased fat flow is observed during oily seborrhea. This means that the sebaceous glands work in an active mode, and as a result, the hair is instantly oiled.

Dry seborrhea occurs when fat synthesis is insufficient. In this case, there is almost no lipids in the skin. In fact, the sebaceous glands secrete fat in the usual way, but its consistency is thicker. This complicates the secretion of sebaceous glands from the pores.

With dry seborrhea, the epidermis becomes dry, there is a feeling of tightness, dry dandruff. Unlike oily dandruff, dandruff is easily shed during dry seborrhea.

Mixed seborrhea is accompanied by dry seborrhea on the scalp and oily seborrhea on the face. This is a serious disease and requires long-term treatment, so it is important to know what steps to take first.

Causes of seborrhea

Both dry and oily seborrhea occur against the background of the growth of fungi Pityrosporum ovale. These fungi are mainly located on the skin, mainly around the sebaceous glands. These fungi continue their vital functions with the fat secreted by the sebaceous glands.

There are several reasons for this:

-Strong stress;

-Hormonal imbalance (adolescence, menopause, pregnancy);

-Disorders of the endocrine system;

-Weakened immune system (infection with immune diseases);

-Serious diseases of internal organs (as well as pathologies);

-Hered carriage;

-Vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies;

-Eating disorders (excessive use of fatty, spicy foods, alcohol and carbonated beverages);

-Irregular and improper scalp care

Symptoms of seborrhea

As a rule, seborrhea manifests itself with itching, dandruff and discomfort. At the same time, there are symptoms characteristic of each species.

Oily seborrhea is characterized by increased hardness and oiliness of the hair.

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