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Topcon Medical Systems (TMS), based in Oakland, NJ, is a leading developer and supplier of diagnostic equipment for the ophthalmic community.


The history of ZEISS mirrors German history and all of its highs and lows. Since it was founded as a business in 1846, it has been transformed into a large, research-oriented enterprise that distributes a host of optical products across the world.


From the introduction of the first Ellex ophthalmic laser in 1987, through to our partnership with some of the world's leading names in ophthalmology through a number of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreements since then, we have been committed to developing leading-edge ophthalmic laser technology solutions.


NIDEK aims to continue being a leading company both in eye and health care and strive to provide our customers with excellent resources for a healthy and delightful life.

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Products of Topcon

CT-1P, Non-contact tonometer

Non-contact tonometer

The stylish and compact CT-1P provides non-contact tonometry as well as pachymetry in a flexible layout due to the rotatable control touch panel. The CT-1P is fully automated which eliminates the need of a control lever. The CT-1P is fully operated through a 8.5" wide touch screen. Simply touch the centre of the pupil on the LCD screen to start measuring both eyes. 


KR-1, Kerato-refractometer

Auto kerato- refractometer

The Topcon KR-1 is a revolutionary auto kerato- refractometer. The tiltable and rotatable touch screen makes it possible for the operator to use the KR-1 with just one touch from various angles, ensuring the best interaction with the patient. The Topcon KR-1 measures peripheral keratometer values on a 6mm diameter. 

Products of Ellex

Ultra Q™

The focused solution for YAG laser procedures

Whether you’re seeking to perform capsulotomies for Presbyopic IOLs or peripheral iridotomies prior to the insertion of Phakic IOLs, it’s imperative that your treatment equipment delivers excellent results every day. Ultra Q™ has been created by Ellex to ensure you achieve your goals.

Tango Reflex_web.jpg

Tango Reflex™

Versatility, quality

Patients present a diverse range of eye conditions for you to evaluate and threat. With Tango Reflex™ from Ellex, you can expand the scope of care you’re able to provide, and all at the absolutely highest standard of safety and efficacy.


Integre Pro™

Multi-color laser technology – redefined

Featuring a proprietary dual-mode laser cavity, Integre Pro™ delivers uniform energy distribution across the full spot diameter, eliminating hotspots and achieving optimal, homogenous burns. It’s a key feature that means you can achieve consistent, predictable treatment outcomes across a broad range of pathologies.

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MA 42

Transforming retinal photocoagulation — effectively, efficiently

Integre Pro Scan™ combines multi-color photocoagulation with a precise computer-controlled pattern scanning laser in an ergonomically advanced all-in-one laser/slit lamp design.

Products of Nidek

Non Contact Tonometer

Non-contact tonometer

IOP correction by corneal thickness (available for the NT-530). Advanced APC (Auto Puff Control) and noise reduction for comfortable tonometry measurement. Tiltable 5.7-inch color LCD for user-friendly operability 3-D auto tracking, auto shot, and auto complete.


Auto Ref/Keratometer


Auto kerato- refractometer

Advanced operation

Accurate measurement

Flexible and space-saving design

Practical and user-friendly features

Network configuration with high flexibility

Products of Zeiss

ZEISS Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Systems

Designed for the way you work

In 1996, ZEISS introduced the first OCT system in eye care and since then OCT has become the standard of care in eye clinics. We understand our commitment doesn’t stop there. Every day we are continuously working with clinicians like you to further advance OCT technology and provide solutions that are designed for the way your work, for every type of practice.


ZEISS Optical Biometers

Defining biometry for 20 years

20 years ago, ZEISS introduced the first optical biometer and revolutionized IOL power calculations. Since then IOLMaster® biometers from ZEISS have become the most commonly used biometers in the ophthalmic world with more than 150 million IOL power calculations to date.

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