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Established in 2001, Infinium Medical is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical equipment. Based in the United States, Infinium Medical has a reputation for providing industry leading technology and quality. Infinium Medical specializes in Patient Monitors, Anesthesia systems and Surgical Tables. Besides the United States market, Infinium Medical has vast international distributor, encompassing 87 countries.


SternMed GmbH is a fast-growing medical device manufacturer, located in the south of Germany. The company was founded in 2011 with the idea of making quality healthcare accessible worldwide. SternMed's product portfolio includes medical equipment for imaging systems, OR solutions and patient care.

Products of Heyer



The new Pasithec is a cost-effective, flexible anesthesia workstation for performing and monitoring inhalation anesthesia. Low-flow techniques minimize gas and anesthetic agent consumption for economical day-to-day operation.

HEYER Pasithec naturally complies with the highest standards in ergonomic design, safety and easy operation and reliable respiratory settings.

Products of Infinium


Infinium Medical supplies the ADS II model anesthesia machines throughout the global market place.   Our anesthesia machines are thoroughly tested and retested by medical professionals in order to assure seamless operation and ease of use.   Infinium Medical carefully chose the ADS II as our premier anesthesia machine based on its superior engineering and design.   This anesthesia machine has been designed with both the end user and the patient in mind.   They are relatively lightweight for easy mobility, yet they are compact enough to fit seamlessly into any environment.

Products of SternMed

Avacs 50

Avacs 50 is an anesthesia unit for adult, pediatric and infant application. It has a built-in ventilator equipped for various modes.

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